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Morshyn is a popular balneological resort, located in 80 km from Lviv and in the immediate vicinity of the picturesque Carpathians. This neighbourhood allows us to talk not only about the healing values of this small town but also about the opportunity to visit unforgettable tours. The Morshyn area has been mentioned in written sources since the middle of the 15th century. Here you will find unique architectural monuments, and quiet beautiful streets, and photogenic forest landscapes.
The city of Morshyn has been known since 1482. At that time it was part of the Kingdom of Poland and had several dozen inhabitants. Already in those days, local sources were used to extract salt, evaporating it specially. The origin of the name "Morshyn" is associated with entrepreneurs Peter and Yuri Morshtyn, who leased these lands for the salt industry.

The first tourist season in Morshyn was open in 1878. Since then, the village is gaining worldwide popularity and is called "Galician Carlsbad" because of the high water quality. Water and mud hospitals, pump rooms of mineral waters were built in the XX century.
Morshyn has
a mild climate
There is no heat or cold.
June-August - the warmest months, with a temperature of + 22-23 ° C, the coldest - December-January
(up to -3 ° C).
In autumn the city is a bit cool - up to + 17 ° C.
This is a great time to pick mushrooms and berries.

What can a tourist do in Morshyn?

Take a walk near the Marble Palace
The sanatorium with such an unusual name was built in 1930. Today it is one of the symbols of the city. Next to the building, you will find a cosy park with a summer amphitheatre. The picture is complemented by original sculptures.
Visit the pump room "Fungus"
Being in Morshyn and not visiting the famous spring is a big mistake. This is one of the first equipped wells. Drink water here and buy souvenirs - a mandatory ritual. They are sold directly in the room "Fungus".
Take a walk in the park to the "Landscape Alley"
Walking from the pump room in the park - you will come across the Landscape Alley. The ensemble consists of 12 sculptures - squirrels, foxes, newts, clouds and 8 drops with cute faces that express different emotions. It appeared in 2017, to the 535th anniversary of the city. The author of the composition is Konstantin Skrytutsky, who also built the Landscape Alley in Kyiv and is the author of other interesting park projects throughout Ukraine.
And most important!
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